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Point of Sale

Web-Based Or iPad Or iPhone Or Android POS

Access everything, anytime, anywhere in the cloud. It even works offline.

Customer Receipts

Give the receipt to customers in a way they prefer : printed or sent to an email.

Multiple payment methods

Make payment with cash or card, integrated or not, or any combination of them.


Apply discounts to the entire sale or specific items.

Item Variants

Condense the list of items, simplifying their creation and management. Useful if some products come in multiple versions like different sizes or colors.

Scan Barcode

Scan barcodes on items during a sale with a built-in rear camera of your mobile device.

Open & Close Counter

Track all cash movements from cash float to register closure, and reduce errors, theft, and discrepancies.

User Account

Create individual staff accounts and track sales. Easily customize permissions to restrict what users can see and do.

VOID Receipt

Easy to VOID Receipt if staff made wrongly.

POS Days Work Offline

Continue selling even when the internet goes down, POS Days will automatically resync your sales when you’re back online.

Inventory Management

Normal & Variants Products

Add a normal product or variants product like sizes, colors, and materials.

Barcode Printing

Print barcode labels to effortlessly add items to sales, purchase orders or inventory counts.

Purchase Orders

Plan purchases, export records to suppliers, track stock receipts and manage supplier relationships.

Transfer Stock

Easily transfer items from one store to another store, and check product levels across your stores with ease.

Low stock notifications

Receive daily notifications about low stock to make the necessary item orders in time.

Inventory history

Gain insights into the flow of your inventory by viewing adjustment log.

Inventory Control

See stock on hand, low stock information and inventory quantity of all stores to help you make better decisions about your inventory.

Employee Management

Sales by employees

Track each employee performance and make informed business decisions.

Access rights

Manage access to sensitive information and functions.

POS Days Reporting

Customizable Reports

Build your own reports and quickly drill into your data to see how your store, your products, and your staff are performing.

Products & Sales Reports

Report on sales by product, and much more to easily identify trends and make the best decisions.

Inventory Report

Manage your inventory more effectively by keeping an eye on inventory levels, low stock information and stock on hand.

End of Day Report

Review daily register closure summaries and sales history reports, confirm payments and easily check for discrepancies.


Customer Profiles

Keep all your customer information in one place — whether they shop with you in-store.

Customer Purchase History

Customer transactions are saved to their profile where you can view their purchase history.

Customer Group

Treat VIP customers with discounts or targeted emails, or use groups to manage employee or wholesale prices.


Custom Payment Type

Create custom buttons to accept cash, credit, debit, check, gift cards or any other payment type you need.

Split Payment

Let your customers pay with multiple tender types by accepting two or more payment types in a single transaction.

Gift Card

Increase your revenue and reduce your processing costs by issuing custom gift cards that can be used in-store.

Partial Payment

Let your customers pay by part for the order. Customer can come and pay later all outstanding amount with multiple times.


Add Outlets

Open a new outlet in just minutes, start to use across devices.


Assign different products to different outlets and manage from one account.


Assign staffs to different outlets and manage from one account.


Assign different taxes to different outlets and manage from one account.

Payment Method

Assign a different payment method to different outlets and manage from one account.

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